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Marion Ano

Owner & Developer
Transformation Through Code

Why We Started Our Nonprofit

What Brings Me Joy?

Helping others has always brought me the most joy! I think that’s why I’ve always gravitated towards teaching. I love the process of creating the student’s learning experience and watching the student enter into that journey with curiosity and wonder! And I’m grateful that I get to do this semester after semester as a lecturer at UHWO Academy of Creative Media. I believe that finding the joy we seek can be found in helping other people to succeed.

Four Years of Freelancing

Four years ago, I made a huge leap away from traditional employment and pivoted to freelancing. Today, most of my income is generated from freelancing and it has completely transformed the way I work, generate income, and how I organize and operate my businesses. Freelancing has enabled me to exponentially grow my technical skillsets in web development, mobile design, and user experience beyond what I could have ever imagined.

Freelancing affords me the time and mental capacity necessary to exponentially improve upon my skills in website development, user experience, and mobile design. I'm grateful for the opportunity to focus and become 1% better every single day.

Get Used To Solitude

I have the privilege and honor to co-create and collaborate with amazing freelancers, clients, and organizations across our pae ʻāina. Although, there is much to love about freelancing, just with any type of work, there are challenges too. Freelancers often work alone and it can get a bit lonely. Couple that with working remotely, freelancers must become self reliant problem solvers and be impeccable with their time management. Deadlines are not moving targets, but rather fixed and anchored into our days and weeks. We must get it done to survive and succeed in this employment landscape. 

Collaborate & Scale

I’ve learned that scaling to larger projects really depends on my accessibility to a freelance network. Over the years, I’m grateful to have built up my network of budding & seasoned freelancers to co-create and collaborate with. And I’m stoked to share that I’ve been able to collaborate with a few of my former students at UH West Oʻahu! Most recently, I’m collaborating with Isabel (my former student) on designing the logo and brand for The Partnership for Hawaiʻi Climate-Smart Commodities. It’s been amazing to see each wāhine  bring their strengths and gifts and take each project to the finish line together.

As a freelancer, I have been able to strike a level of professional and personal contentment that inspires me want to share and support other wāhine interested in this employment pathway. We see alliance building as a means to connect and create more opportunities for the economic well-being of our women and girls in Hawaiʻi.

Why Wāhine Freelance Alliance?

Wāhine Freelance Alliance’s (WFA) mission is to provide wāhine freelancers with a broad network of resources, education, workforce training, as well as a creative and safe space for them to thrive. Furthermore, WFA aims to increase economic opportunities and self employment pathways for freelancers to succeed at all stages in their lives. We commit to cultivating the conditions and support for girls and women to obtain workforce training and leverage networks towards economic stability–thereby uplifting and strengthening the entire community and future generations. In September 2023, WFA received its 501(c)3 exemption status from the IRS to further our mission and vision to uplift and strengthen economic opportunities and fiscal stability and well-being for girls and women in Hawaiʻi.

The Future is Freelance

Today, over 59 million people are freelance in the United States and this makes up 37% of the workforce! With that said, the freelance playbook is not readily available and the freelance journey is a bit of a mystery. And it really shouldn’t be! We should discuss, celebrate, elevate and support the economic well-being that freelancing offers.

Going from Surviving to Succeeding

Although there is strong and growing interest in freelancing  it’s really difficult to find the support needed to go from surviving this employment pathway to thriving in it. Although, luck and hope can help, leaving things to chance aren’t great strategies when it comes to freelancing and transforming it into a viable stream of income.

Mastery is a by product of working on the same skill set every single day. Freelancing allows for deep work and redirects individuals away from distractions and more towards strengthening their gifts, talents, and actions towards self actualization making it such a powerful way to work.

Freelancing is an AND

The most wonderful aspect of freelancing is I see it as an “AND” and not an “OR”. You can freelance AND

Why I Think Freelancing is Game Changer?