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The Transform Hour #3: Remote Family

During this session, I'll dive into my tips, tricks, and practices on "Remote Family". We will explore and discuss balancing being a parent, a remote work, entrepreneurship, and co-teacher! More importantly, I hope this session can be a community exchange and share out on your own tips and practices!

More importantly, how can we help each other to maintain our transformation power!

Past Events for The Transform Hour

The Transform Hour #2: Our Brains --> Our Habits

Join us on Sunday, August 30 @ 10:30am! During this session, we're going to explore habits and how they are formed. After learning about what makes a habit, we will spend the rest of the workshop reflecting on our own habits and identify the ones we would like to change. This workshop is inspired by the book, The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg.


The Transform Hour #1: The Quadrant Method

Join us on Sunday, July 26 @ 10:30am! During this session, I'm going to explore a method that I've adopted to braindump to brainstorm. I call it the Quadrant Method! I implement the Quadrant Method to empty my mind to make space for creativity and content development!

Can you spare 5 minutes? If so, share a little bit about what you would like to learn by filling out The Transform Hour Survey!

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