The Transform Planner

On March 14, 2020 right before the first Covid-19 lock downs in Hawaiʻi happened, I jotted down my first ideas and created the first preliminary sketches for The Transform Planner.


The Transform Planner was still a mere dream, locked away on my iPad and something to pursue on another day. I knew that it would take a lot of effort and time to complete.

Before I share more about our story and how The Transform Planner came to fruition I want to give you a sneak peek of the welcome message from the Planner.

"The Transform Planner is your pen to paper user experience curated for transformation. It is engineered to fundamentally help you achieve your goals and break through the mental, physical, and emotional barriers involved in transformative work"

The Transform Planner is a user experience built upon but not limited to my own non-traditional route that led me into coding and software development. It is also built on the collective and fierce ideals that many of my friends and colleagues share about elevating the work of women and other marginalized individuals to in tech not merely because its cool but because we know that it has the power to shape opportunity and fundamentally change the trajectory of ways of thinking, making, and understanding the world and learning that our ideas around opportunities are not out of reach. I know that with every turn of the page, you will see yourself in these pages.

Most importantly, we hope that The Transform Planner inspires you to take on this work so that you can elevate and lead others in their journeys. For this reason, we created The Transform Ethos (first four provided) to remind ourselves of the reasons we do what we do. This is the heart and soul of The Transform Planner's user experience.

The Transform Ethos

We believe that through practicing transformation, we begin to see the inextricable link between our collective growth.

We believe and seek to support the diverse voices and gifts that our community brings forth.

We believe in mentorship that supports and elevates equality in our community.

We want our children to witness transformation so that they ground themselves and become creators of their own destinies. 

And last but certainly not least, I would like to recognize and MAHALO (a million times) the team behind The Transform Planner. @JESS led, crafted, and engineered the design experience that will greet and wow you with each page you turn. @AKELA has been instrumental in helping us iterate our Planner at each phase of our testing based on her on UX. @NATALIA asked the tough questions and always gave us the time to pause and think outside of our own experiences and blindspots!