Week Two: Skillcrush

Week Two: SkillCrush’s Coding Camp

Rather than having you choose just one area of focus, this program’s free tutorial takes you through multiple tech disciplines in a really fun and interactive learning environment. Skillcrush utilizes engaging video lessons in addition to text-based learning so no matter what kind of learner you identify as, you will be able to comprehend exactly what they are conveying. They also introduce one of their alumni for each section they take you through so you get to hear real-life accounts of how each program worked for people.

Although I liked how CareerFoundry just threw you right into coding, Skillcrush starts with an introduction to a variety of different careers in technology. After that, they break down the anatomy of an HTML element, giving you a good understanding of what you’re working with before they have you start writing code. I really liked that I didn’t have to download any extra applications since they have a mini text editor built right into their learning platform. Skillcrush also offers a tech personality test and a list of important tech terms to know as a beginner — instrumental resources for someone just beginning to explore tech careers. 

I also found that I had a more enjoyable learning experience with the shorter lengths of each assignment. The lessons also weren’t just coding back-to-back, they were intermingled with success stories of other women who had gone through drastic career changes, information about the history of coding, and helpful free guides and cheat sheets.

At the end of the free introductory course, Skillcrush will have given you a taste of HTML, Visual Design, Wordpress, CSS, and User Experience along with an overview of the tech industry. Skillcrush also offers a discount as an incentive to continue learning with them. I appreciated their transparency in revealing additional costs you may incur from downloads needed for their comprehensive program, find their list here.

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