Week Three: SuperHi

Week Three: SuperHi’s Email Guide and Web Dev Intro Course

SuperHi popped up in my google search offering a free, 7-day email guide featuring beginner friendly information in personable, easily digestible segments. I enjoyed having it delivered to my email daily since I usually check my inbox before work and it gave me a great read to start my day with.

I loved the accessibility of this learning platform. The daily guides broke down web development, coding, tech culture, and suggested simple project ideas for a beginner to start practicing their skills. The writer discusses common mistakes that everyone from beginner to expert makes, keeping the content relatable and candid. In every email they invited feedback and encouraged the reader to reach out to them directly through replying to their email. I took that opportunity to reach out and thank them for their wonderful free resource and they responded immediately with a link to their free beginner course. Since I liked the email guide so much I decided to include it in my tutorial game plan.

The course teaches you how to plan, design and code your first website. They take you through a real-world example of a freelance opportunity to build a website for a client (exactly my career end-goal). It features over four hours of video tutorials that teach you their four-step web development process and gives you access to their custom text editor — minimizing extra downloads. It was the most intuitive text editor I’d come across so far: incredibly easy to use with default formats, suggestive editing, and an AI assisted search bar. 

In the video tutorials, the instructor narrates his design thought process and how he uses HTML and CSS libraries to code his designs into a fully functional website. What I really liked, and what I was missing from CareerFoundry’s course, was that the instructor broke down his use of different HTML tags and the logic behind the code of CSS rather than just giving you a formula to copy. He also showcased alternative design options and stressed the fact that every developer designs differently and to embrace that uniqueness. Living into that idea, I took creative license and ended up diverging a bit from the tutorial project — if you want to check out the end product, find it here.

If you end up enjoying the tutorial as much as I did, SuperHi offers multiple, reasonably-priced short courses ranked from Beginner, to Intermediate, to Advanced. They also feature a myriad of free video tutorials for small projects if you’re feeling crafty and want to try something new, like a beginner guide for an Instagram beauty filter. They are large supporters of community learning and offer a discount if you sign up with a friend or an even bigger discount if you sign up with a group of four.

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