Week Six: The Odin Project

Week Six: The Odin Project — Foundations

The Odin Project is a self-paced, open source web development curriculum with everything you need to take you from complete beginner to full-stack developer and it’s all for free. They function on the belief that education should be free and accessible for everyone and so provide the curriculum to learn everything you need to know to qualify you for a job in web development.

I found the act of making information available for free incredibly inspiring after sorting through so many free trials of products that I would eventually have to pay to get more of if I really wanted to learn to code. Some of them definitely seemed worth it, but my goal from the beginning has been to learn to code for free. With The Odin Project, I have the opportunity to do exactly that. 

In my final week of this project, I finished their Foundations course. The 32-segment series laid a vital foundation explaining the internet, the web, computers, command lines, the history of coding, and provided a deeper understanding of computer science as a whole. It led you in the installation and use of several different technologies necessary for a career in tech. Most bootcamps either assume you already know this information or just don’t bother teaching it but understanding the concepts they lay out is vital to deepening your understanding as a developer.

Now that my Six-tutorials-in-six-weeks project is completed, I plan on continuing my learning journey with The Odin Project. I don’t know for sure that I’ll be fully job-ready at the end of the program, but it’s worth it to me to learn for free. If nothing else, I already set myself up for success! 

My journey with this project has been one of transformation. Yes, there were growing pains, but most things worth learning don’t come easily. Sometimes, the amount of new information I processed daily felt overwhelming — however, the gratification of pushing myself to do the hard work and go beyond the barriers of my comfort zone to discover that I truly enjoyed coding has resulted in one of the biggest mindset shifts of my life and I hope it inspires you to do the same.