Week One: CareerFoundry

Week One: CareerFoundry’s Web Dev for Beginners Course

CareerFoundry was one of the very first programs that appeared in my initial google explorations of web development programs. It struck me right away as an approachable, beginner-friendly learning environment and I was excited about the idea of getting the daily tutorials delivered right to my email.

You can easily build an entire webpage from scratch just by following along with the tutorials and come out with a basic grasp of some of the core concepts of web development. However, unless you are genuinely curious about coding and put in the effort to read the additional resources they have available, you won’t really get enough of an understanding to recreate it on your own let alone try your own creative reformatting. 

I found some of their wording to be a little too foreign for a complete beginner. As someone with zero prior experience with coding, I had to google (or guess) at what some of their lingo meant. Overall, they explain the big concepts well and I feel like I gained a good understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I only wished they could have gone more in depth on the “why” behind a lot of the actions they took. 

At the end of the series, you get a little pop-quiz where if you get above a 70% they give you a 5% discount to either their one-month “Intro to Frontend Development” course or their ten month, comprehensive “Full-Stack Web Development” program. They also offer several different scholarship and payment plan options which you can discuss with an admissions counselor.

I ended the Career Foundry Intro course feeling able to recognize basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, along with a good understanding of the three different languages. However, I was left feeling a little unsure about how to creatively manipulate the elements I had learned about and with little understanding of the WHYs behind most of what I’d done. Even though the program couldn’t answer my questions, it was a wealth of information — I could probably go through it a second and third time and still pick up new things. Having successfully completed my first attempt at coding, I feel incredibly empowered by the fact that I was able to create a whole web page from scratch. It was a total confidence boost and motivator to keep on learning.

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