Week Four: SheCodes

Week Four: SheCodes 60-minute Beginner Workshop

SheCodes began as a goal to teach 10 women to code but was so strongly received that it has turned into a fully fledged company that has taught over 10,000 women from all around the world how to code. They feature a free, one-hour introductory workshop for beginners along with a series of highly-rated, short-term workshops designed for the “busy woman.”

The workshop would have been most useful to me right at the start of my exploration as it gives a very basic overview of web development. For where I was at in my fourth week after coding a web page and a whole website, it was a little redundant. 

However, through exploring the SheCodes site, I discovered one of my favorite coding resources to date. The founder, Matt Delac, was formerly a DJ and used his love of music to curate a free online radio application to stimulate your coding creativity.  SheCodes Radio has four customizable stations that you can easily toggle between based on your mood and preferences. I’ve bookmarked it in my browser and already consider it a necessity for when I’m coding or writing.

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