Week Five: Codecademy

Week Five: Codecademy’s Introduction to JavaScript

As an education company, Codecademy is well-grounded yet innovative and continuously evolving. They believe the education system is outdated and are committed to fostering a more intuitive learning platform that teaches the job skills required by the modern tech industry. Like Skillcrush, Codecademy also offers a programming personality quiz to help give you direction into which opportunities in tech might fit you best. Since I had struggled so much initially with JavaScript (and still do) I decided to try Codecademy’s introductory tutorial on JavaScript. They offer a slew of free tutorials and a 7-day free trial of their pro account where you can access more advanced content and get feedback on projects.

One aspect of the course that I really appreciated was that it provided resources on how to access Mozilla’s developer documentation — a useful way to learn from the source rather than just through tutorials. Codecademy incorporates scavenger-hunt-like tasks in their lessons to get you acquainted with using developer documentation to find certain information. 

I also really liked that Codecademy has a goal-setting feature in your profile where you can designate how many days a week you want to spend learning and the site will keep track of it for you. If you’re at all goal-oriented like we here at Wahine Coder, you will LOVE this feature. I would have preferred a video-based curriculum, but the tutorial did supplement some segments with videos and kept the lessons short and interactive so it never felt like too much reading material. 

Rather than having you complete a hands-on project, this tutorial teaches you important concepts, methods and vocabulary in JavaScript and particularly in it’s newest version, ES6. You practice what you learn by completing lines of code, testing it, and troubleshooting until you get it correct. You miss out on key aspects of the course that are only available through a pro membership, but if you are motivated to learn for free you can still acquire a lot of the important information and skills you need to set you up for success. Conversely, since their pricing is based on a monthly subscription rather than individual courses, If you have the time to commit to an intensive learning schedule, you could really get your money’s worth and complete several certifications while spending far less than you would on other workshops. 

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