Exploring the Possibilities of an Organized Mind - Marie Kondo Mind Entries

🧠 Are you fascinated by the Marie Kondo, the tidying expert who is transforming the physical spaces of people worldwide? Have you watched her show and aspired to implement her practices at home? I know I have! And in case you're wondering, I haven't applied any of her tidying tactics in my home yet. But, I aspire too.
As a teacher, I've come to to believe that "the joy of education" has roots in the "joy of organization". Whenever I walk into a classroom and bring up a new coding topic for the first time, I try to build an organized curriculum for my students that provides clarity at every step. I constantly put myself into their mindset. Teaching is a journey that is organized that provides a clear pathway from the unknown to the known.

As a mother, teacher, and entrepreneur, the daily practice of organizing my to dos and my ideas (both big and small) helps to relieve the tension I feel from the demands of daily life! It helps to remind me about my why and how I can better serve and elevate the change I yearn to see!  As a mother, I seek to provide a space in which our collective minds can create together and explore ideas in real time at home. I believe that our habits over time shape and form who we are today, who we can become tomorrow and allow us to trail blaze a meaningful life. Last week, I shared the Quadrant Method, which is a method I implement to GTD (Get Things Done). I also emphasized the practice of braindumping, which subscribes to the notion that most things we keep in our minds should be written down so that the CPU of our brain can be dedicated solely to deep work and creativity.