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I hope all is well with you! In the creation of Wahine Coder, it has always been my commitment to provide an avenue for Giveback! In this blog entry I will share two community building initiatives with you! Please read on!

As you may know, I dove head first into coding nearly eight years ago and it was the most pivotal moment that I made in my career. Prior to my early thirties, I had not been exposed to coding at all. Early in my journey, more than often, I was the only woman in the room. And that led me to dig in deeper!

What I learned is only 26% of the computing workforce in 2017 were held by women. The breakdown below reveals more:

  • 5% are Asian American women
  • 3% are African American women
  • 1% are Hispanic women

Notice, native Hawaiian, indigenous women, and LGBTQ individuals are NOT listed in these statistics. Why? I simply couldn’t find any? 

My hope is that through building a community together, we can elevate these statistics. I want to see a future where we and the future generations are reflected in the tech workforce, the entrepreneurial sector, creative commerce, and in leadership roles. 

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